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Basketry Course

You’ve never made baskets, but you want to embark on the great adventure of basketry?
You’ve already participated in a workshop, but would like to refresh your memory?
You’ve already woven a basket, but your new kit is a little tricky?
Our videos will help you understand the terms and techniques of basketry.

Choose the base:

Open woven base

This is a fast and easy base to make. It’s secured with a round-round weaver.
(See the Twining video.)

Closed woven base with V shape

This base requires a bit more effort because of its V pattern. But the result is worth it! The base is secured with a round-round weaver.
(See the Twining video.)

Wood base

The rattan spokes are inserted in a wood base.


This cross stitch can be used both for making the base and the wall. You can use two, three, four, or five weavers. And it’s easy to play with colours!

Choose the wall:

The wall

The wall is woven one row at a time. You can insert colours in the wall, play with the width of the weavers, use a cross stitch or add straps or handles. Traditional basketry technique. Over-under finger weaving. (See the Twining video.)

The continuous weave

An odd number of spokes allows for a continuous weave. This makes it easier to adjust the size of the basket.

The final rim:

Add the final rim

Adding a rim, a traditional technique, allows you to close the weave. We learn to hide the lasher while making sure it’s tightly tied to the last row.