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About us

”Our baskets have more than one use, but their purpose is to keep the heritage craft of weaving alive while protecting your valuable possessions.“

We discovered the art of basketry during a visit to a Vermont museum. Actually, we rediscovered it… Our mother, a keen collector, peppered our Gaspésie cottage with artefacts and authentic Native American baskets. That’s how we learned to love these baskets in all their forms and colours and appreciate their coiled or plaited fibres.

After a few years spent learning, creating, and perfecting, we founded Two sisters in one basket. Then, gradually, we started taking part in trade fairs, Christmas markets, and teaching activities. We now offer DIY basket kits and an online craft supplies store.

Basketry is a craft that is both creative and relaxing. Your hands shape matter while your head counts the rows. The movements flow steadily, fruits of a traditional technique used by countless craftspeople before us. That’s part of our pride!

All our baskets are unique and made of rattan, a durable material. Handles, wood bases, and colours endow them with various shapes and uses. Discover them now.